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Whether you are new to the trade or have been working in the industry for some time, you will not need us to tell you times have never been more difficult for licensees than they are at present. 


Pub closures are a daily occurrence and bring with it, the realistic prospect of bankruptcy and homelessness.  With money in short supply, costs constantly rising and beer prices moving in only one direction, operators face challenges the industry has never encountered before. 


At ice we have over 40 years of industry experience and a proven track record of helping business’ to grow and develop.  We have supported licensees and Pub Co's across the country with developing and marketing their business, negotiating on rents and planning budgets and financial strategies.  We can now offer this consultancy service directly to you.


Time after time we find licensees who are failing, simply because they lose direction, not knowing which way to turn and resorting to reducing prices and offering specials which, in fact, simply makes the situation worse.


We offer a specific, tailored, consultancy for your business which will identify areas of weakness, highlight strengths which should be developed and provide the tools to help you achieve and maintain this.


For your consultancy we will:


  • Visit you at your premises at a mutually convenient time.

  • Not charge an excessive fee, nor will we make ongoing charges. 

  • Conduct an unbiased assessment of your business finance and provide an honest assessment of its viability.

  • Identify the key market sectors at which your business should be targeted

  • Conduct a review of the premises and provide advice as to how the presentation can be improved, often for little or no cost.

  • Review pricing strategies and menus with you and provide recommendations as to how these could be changed and how profitability can be improved.

  • Review the expenditure of the business and identify where savings can be made

  • Work with you to produce a financial plan and budget for the next three years with strategic targets and key performance indicators.  This can be presented to banks, business development managers, etc. and often prove invaluable in rent negotiations.

  • To ensure you achieve maximum benefit from our services – we will not provide a consultancy service to any of your competitors within a three mile radius.


We know that every business will benefit from our consultancy, the sooner we start the sooner the benefits can be achieved.


If you are finding difficulty meeting bills, paying the brewery or meeting VAT returns – you should contact us without delay.  The longer you put off asking for our help, the less likely we will be able to help you.


Call us today for an informal chat and a no obligation quotation and let us help your business to achieve its full potential.