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These courses have been designed to deliver the maximum effect on business and are designed with the schedule and availability of busy licensees in mind.



We have developed a number of courses aimed at providing licensees and managers with the opportunity to access training on a day course basis.


These one-day courses are designed to provide maximum effect and in each case, Delegates leave the course equipped with the tools to make an immediate impact on their business.


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Are your employees an asset – or a liability?


Employers are often accused of taking staff for granted and not fulfilling their obligations as an employer.  Little is ever reported however, about the liberties taken by staff and their failing to deliver what others would call value for money!


ICE has developed a one day course, targeted at providing the essential legal knowledge required by all bar staff and combined this with additional training on Customer Service and Selling skills to ensure their work is both legally compliant and their performance and that of your business improves by raising service standards and customer skills


The BII have introduced  a new qualification called the Award in Responsible Retailing. With the introduction of the Licensing Act 2003 a negligent act by an untrained employee could result in Personal Licence Holders or Designated Premises Supervisors losing their licence. In the case of the DPS, this could mean losing their business.


This qualification provides the essential knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities which are now required by the Act, for everyone working in the Licensed Retail Sector. Candidates are tested by a short 25 question multiple-choice examination and those who are successful, will receive a certificate to evidence this.


The second part of the course focuses on Customer Service skills and Service Standards. 


We employ staff to sell products on our behalf, but all too often they prevent customers from buying product because they ignore them, spend time with favourite customers or friends or they simply couldn’t care less – after all - do they loose sleep worrying about your business?


The course will encourage employees to think about their role in your business and help them to recognise that they are a small but very significant cog in your organisation and that you depend on them as much as they depend on you.  The course goes on to consider all aspects of poor service from failing to acknowledge customers, to a failing to offer alternative products or encouraging customers to try new things.  The course will highlight the common bad practices which your customers encounter and ways in which employees can eliminate these problems.


As a result of this course, you should see a marked change in the attitude of employees and more importantly, that they comply with the legal requirements of the Act and the risk to your licence diminish significantly.


Course fees include a detailed course manual for delegates to take away with them, Examination and Certification Fees, refreshments and light lunch all our fees include VAT.


Send them to BOOT CAMP today – and see the difference!



The 101 Course:

This unique, one-day course provides literally one hundred and one ideas and tips, which can be implemented immediately, at very little or no cost to the business, which will deliver increased profits and improved customer satisfaction right away.  Too often Licensees find themselves in a position where they feel they are in a Catch-22 situation, unable to make significant investment, but in desperate need of fresh, practical and innovative ideas. – This course is the solution.


Marketing your Pub for Profit:

Most business’s fail because of a lack of turnover.  In service industries this usually means too few customers crossing the threshold and therefore not even trying what we have to offer.  How can you make more people come to your pub, rather than to a competitor?  This one-day course will literally open the door for you!  Starting with the basic concepts and moving right through the business operation, this course will enable a Licensee to develop a coherent structure to their marketing effort, driving sales and profits and enabling them to begin to achieve the full potential of their pub.


Designing the food offer to sell:

Food is now regarded as the key to unlocking profit potential right across the licensed sector.  As customers become more demanding and selective where they spend their money, those pubs offering food, in whatever form, have a profound advantage over those who don’t.  From menu design and concept through to the first serving, this course will provide all that you need to get ahead in the provision of food.


Financial Management – Made easy!

Many licensees give up control of their business to others because they are afraid of figures.  But, would you allow a stranger behind the bar?  How much do you pay your accountant each month?  This course will enable you to take control of your business, manage your own takings and stock enabling candidates to complete their own VAT returns.  Furthermore all delegates will be offered a discount voucher which offers substantial savings on the Licensed Retail Manager, Business Management and Stock software package.  Why not take a look now?


Merchandising and Chalk boarding

Correctly and well-presented products behind bars will significantly increase sales.  This course is designed specifically to enhance the display and presentation of products in order to maximise customer awareness and increase turnover and profitability.  It is ideally suited to managers and supervisors, but also for staff who are proactive in the merchandising of products. 


Developing Customer Service

This course is designed to enhance customer service skills, improving the level and speed of service as well as improving customer relations.  64% of customers, who do not return to a venue, don’t do so because of the attitude of the licensee or the staff!!!!