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The Course                   

Our advanced cellar course is designed to help Licensees and their staff, ensure that their beer is consistently served in optimum condition.  A good pint will increase sales and build demand for more.  The course is divided into seven modules, which combine to cover all aspects of Cellar Management and Cellarmanship.

There are few more important areas than the cellar.  Without a quality product to sell, we are unlikely to generate the sales we need to be successful.

Many people feel that all it takes is a regular line clean and that is it. How wrong people can be!!

The Advanced Cellar Management Course covers all aspects of cellar management from the start of the brewing process to the conditioning of beers and the many hygiene aspects associated not just with the cellar, but also with glassware and bar hygiene.

On completion of the course, candidates will receive a certificate to display in their Pub which confirms the training they have received.

These courses are provided on a regular basis at all our training centres and enrolment could not be easier simply call us on 07975706576 or click the Contact Us link