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Having gained your APLH qualification, you will now need to apply to your Local Licensing Authority for your Personal Licence.


First, you will need a copy of the application form which can be downloaded from the link below.  This should be printed off and you should fill in your details


You will also need a Disclosure of Convictions form which can also be printed from the link below.


In addition to the disclosure of convictions form, you will also need to have a basic criminal record check done and the certificate must be enclosed with your application.  These can be obtained from the Disclosure and Barring Service, simply right click the link below and select open in new page, this will take you to the starting point for obtaining your criminal record check.  You will need either a passport or driving licence with you when you do this and a credit or debit card for payment. 


Finally, you will need two passport size photographs, full face without hat or sunglasses.  These must be countersigned by a professional person (Doctor, Vicar, Teacher, Solicitor, etc) to certify that they are a true likeness of you.


The regulations specify the following criteria for Personal Licence photographs;


§  The photographs must be 45mm x 35mm in size.

§  The applicant must be viewed ‘full face’.

§  Do not wear sunglasses.

§  Do not wear a hat or head covering, including face covering, unless for religious reasons.

§  Photographs must be on photographic paper.

§  Photographs must be against a light background so that the applicants’ facial features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.


In addition to the above, the Licensing Authorities recommend applicants have regard to the following to ensure that photographs are acceptable:


·      The two photographs should be as recent as possible i.e. within the past 6 months, and identical.

·      70% to 80% of the photograph should be a close up of the head and shoulders.

·      The light background required by the regulations can be achieved by using plain white, cream or light grey background.

·      The photograph should be in sharp focus and free of shadows.

·      Digital or scanned photographs should be acceptable if printed on photographic paper with a resolution of 1200dsi or more.

·      Adopt a natural expression with eyes open and do not include any objects or persons in the photograph.

·      Photographs may be reflected from spectacles so care should be taken to ensure that the eyes remain visible.



Personal Licence Application Form


Disclosure of Convictions Form


Disclosure and Barring Service Obtain your Criminal Record Certificate here


Right click the above link and select "Open in a new window"




Having obtained all the necessary information, you will now need to complete the checklist below and ensure you have everything needed for the application



                                       Completed application form


                                       Completed disclosure of convictions form


                                       Criminal record certificate


                                       APLH Certificate


                                       Two Passport sized, counter signed photographs


                                       Payment for £37


This should then be posted or delivered to your local licensing authority – remember that this must be the authority for the area where you live, not the one for the area where you work or intend to work.


Many authorities are able to issue licences today on a while you wait basis, providing the information is complete and accurate – you will need to check what the situation is with your local authority.



Good Luck!




The purpose of this document is to give guidance to individuals and businesses regarding the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003. This guidance is provided on the understanding that we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or otherwise of any statement, contention, error or omission contained herein. Applicants are strongly advised to seek specific advice as appropriate.