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It is a hard fact that illegal drugs are everywhere.


The illegal drugs trade is an international multi-billion pound industry.  It was estimated in 1997 as having a turnover amounting to 8 per cent of international trade and this figure is rising annually.  As this would indicate, drug misuse is a prominent feature of today’s society and poses a serious threat to all.


Drugs have found their way into schools, colleges, the workplace, the entertainment industry, and can now be said to be an integral part of the youth culture, not only in the UK, but worldwide.


Government driven anti-drug initiatives, supported by local schemes, are directed at the young, starting at an early age in schools and continuing through the educational years in an attempt to communicate the anti –drug message.


Statistics show, however, that drug misuse is not only confined to the young and it would be foolish to make that assumption.


But what have drugs got to do with running licensed premises?  In premises, such as public houses and night clubs, people congregate for recreation.  In some venues, the use of so-called ‘recreational’ drugs, such as ecstasy, has become part of an evening’s entertainment.



Perception of drug misuse has changed.  Cannabis is one of the most widely misused controlled drugs and in recent years cocaine has become particularly problematic.  These drugs are often used during recreation in pubs or clubs.  In places where a high proportion of people are misusing drugs, dealers will capitalise on this ready market.


The figures for addiction to the so-called ‘hard drugs’, heroin and cocaine, are rising and the age of the addict, and even the problem user, is getting younger as market forces and availability drive down the cost.  All illegal drugs are almost half the price they were some years ago.


Remember that not all young people take drugs, not all young people who try out or experiment with drugs continue to use them and not all drug mis-users are young people.  But wherever young people congregate, vigilance by those in control of premises must be maintained.




In the current climate, a licensee or manager of licensed premises, whether rural or city centre, may encounter misuse of substances of many types.  Remember that illegal drugs are everywhere!


This is a one-day course designed to increase delegates awareness of drugs, their use and abuse and how to spot the illegal use and supply of illegal substances.


Candidates will be assessed by a short multiple choice examination at the end of the day.


Successful completion will result in the delegate being awarded the Level 2:  Drugs Awareness Certificate for Licensees





This course should be a prerequisite for all employees working in the Licensed Retail Industry