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Are you putting your customers at risk?


Are you aware of the Allergen legislation - Do your menus comply?


70,000 people get food poisoning in the UK every year*


Can you afford to pay thousands of pounds in compensation?




The provision of basic food safety training is a legal requirement for all those involved in the preparation and service of food and drink.  This includes the preparation and service of all  food and drink.



There were 590 reported deaths in the UK in 2000 attributed to infectious intestinal disease (IID). It is likely that a significant proportion of these will have been due to food poisoning.


The Level 2: Award in Food Safety is widely regarded as being the best and easiest way to satisfying this legal requirement


The certificate is considered valid for a period of three years, after which it should be renewed to ensure employee’s knowledge of Food and Drink Safety Law, is current and valid.


The course can be delivered at your premises or staff may study for it using our highly effective distance learning pack and attend one of our centres to take the final examination.  Either way, our methods provide the most cost effective access to Food Safety Training there is.


Successful candidates will be awarded the Level 2: Award in Food Safety Certificate


Delegates scoring over 90% will receive a Distinction Award, those who score over 75% will achieve a Merit Award, those who achieve over 65% will receive a Pass Award


* Source: FSA