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The software package comprises two separate systems, one for day to day business management, the second for stock management


Business Master - Financial Management Package

The Business Master package is designed specifically for the Licensed Trade. Unlike many packages, the system allows direct input of data on a weekly basis, meaning financial records can be entered quickly and easily, keeping records up to date.

Each week the system forces a business balance requiring the user to check all variances as they occur.

The system will provide variance analysis from Z readings to actual cash, and will handle payments by credit and debit card as well as two bank accounts.

This will allow a reconciliation to take place when the statement arrives.


Expenses are just as easy to manage. There are preset fields designed to handle all types of expenditure and also user configurable ones for both net and inclusive of VAT.


The system will manage multiple VAT rates and is easily configured to suit your VAT quarter.


As weekly data is entered, it then builds over the quarter to provide a monthly and quarterly Profit and Loss account and will provide all the details needed for you to complete your own VAT Return.


Business Master is one of the most cost effective and efficient solutions for the accurate management of Pub Finances and puts you in control of your business

Master Stock Stock Management Package

Like Business Master, Master Stock has been specifically designed to manage liquor in the Licensed Trade. Unlike many systems, Master Stock is completely flexible, allowing you to configure your system to suit your business. The system will handle different spirit measures, wine measures and the VAT rate can be altered ensuring the system will not become obsolete in the future.


The system will handle all pack sizes and provides a very simple, logical means of entering data, whether it is deliveries or closing stock.

The reporting is exceptional and cannot be matched by other systems. The system provides a full result report, provide suggested reorder levels, summary analysis and will even highlight where overstocking is occurring.


By entering data as each event occurs, the Stock Result is ready for analysis the moment the closing stock has been entered.


Master Stock will also allow you to perform line checks. For those operators who use PLU or preset tills which can print a report of products sold. Master Stock will allow a direct comparison of recorded sales compared to actual consumption a facility which is normally only available on the most expensive EPOS systems.

Master Stock offers you the freedom and flexibility to conduct stock takes as and when it suits you at a time that suits you and with the frequency that your business requires.

Does your stocktaker offer that service?




The system operates under the industry standard Microsoft Excel in Office. Earlier versions of Excel may not offer the same levels of functionality and some features may become disabled. You are strongly recommended to use only the latest release of Microsoft Office.

The system utilises Excel functionality to the full and many areas do not require user input and are therefore, locked. In the event that you are prompted to enter a password, you are trying to enter data into a field that is not user accessible.

Installation and configuration cannot be easier. Business Master users will be entering takings and expenditure data within minutes of loading the system and once the stock data has been entered, stock takes can begin immediately.

The system is supported by a comprehensive user manual and telephone support is available during office hours for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This contract can be renewed each year to ensure peace of mind and to ensure that your system is updated with all new releases as they become available.